ScaITT presents SCANIA's OC13 gas engine

ScaITT presents SCANIA's OC13 gas engine

ScaITT presents SCANIA's OC13, a six-cylinder gas engine with 410 HP


Scania has just introduced its new OC13 engine powered by natural gas and with a range of 1100 km thanks to its LNG tanks.

ITT ScaITT motor OC13

In today's increasingly environmentally conscious world, Scania is committed to sustainable and respectful transport solutions.


The new 13-litre gas engine is a before and after in heavy and long-distance transport: On the one hand, it has similar characteristics to any diesel engine of the same size.

 With 410 HP, it excels in both long-distance transport and construction site work.

This innovative OC13 gas engine reduces by 15% (although it can reach 90% if biogas is used).

ITT ScaITT motor gas OC13

Additionally, it's quieter than any other combustion engine, allowing you to do night work.

Throughout Europe, but especially in Spain and Italy, more and more carriers are demanding this "engine" that offers all the economic advantages of a gas engine and no inconvenience.

If you want to receive more information about the new OC13 engine powered by natural gas, go to



Or come and see us directly at ScaITT Avenida Congost, 9 Polígono Ind Congost, Barcelona - Catalonia.

29 September 2018

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