ScaITT distributor of SCANIA in IAA

ScaITT distributor of SCANIA in IAA

SCANIA at the IAA exhibition, new solutions to carbon reduction.

ScaITT Scania

A few days ago, we awoke pleasantly surprised with a video launched by Scania that caught our attention.


The video refers to Scania's presence at the IAA in Hanover from 20 to 27 September. As you know, the IAA in Hanover is the world's leading trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics.


During the show Scania will be exhibiting its full range of new-generation trucks, including trucks for long-distance transport, construction and urban applications. But what really caught our attention is that they are all powered by alternative fuel.


A few days ago we woke up to a video launched by Scania that pleasantly caught our attention.


With this initiative Scania takes a leap into the future of heavy transport, leading the market for low-carbon, zero-emission vehicles.


According to Alexander Vlaskamp, executive vice president of Scania Trucks, "Cities are now at the forefront, but all forms of transport will have to be adjusted to meet the carbon reduction target set in the Paris Agreement. "The root of this is obviously to be able to offer the highest quality offer of the right products and services. We also show that sustainability and performance go hand in hand.


But in its unstoppable race to decarbonization, Scania is taking another giant step and once again surprises us by introducing the plug-in hybrid distribution truck, which combines the unbeatable safety features of its L-series with the advantages of operating the hybrid. While unloading or taking a break, drivers can recharge the batteries in just 20 minutes.


In addition, Scania has created the Scania Zone service to help transport companies and drivers comply with the different local regulations throughout Europe, speed limits, emission restrictions, noise limitation and so on.


It's not easy to tell in a few lines everything Scania has to show, so it's best to come to the exhibition if you get the chance. Look for booth C 22 in hall 12 and discover the new generation of the Scania range, including the new plug-in hybrid truck and the world's first long-distance LNG bus.


if you want to see the full Scania video:

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23 September 2018

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